Friday, March 21, 2014

Last Day to see 'flirt, the installation'

'flirt, the installation' at mother brook art, dedham
"Flirt" ends TODAY!!!!! Hours 12-6, 123 High St. Dedham

'flirt, the installation' on location at mother brook
This exhibit at the Mother Brook Arts and Community Center in Dedham seems too short even with the added two week extension due to popular demand :)  

But as the saying goes . . . all good thing must come to an end . . . 

Curators Martha Wakefield and and Jeanne Williamson did an amazing  job collecting a beautiful array of art ~ from Michael Seif's exquisite photos (click here to see more of his work) to Merill Comeau's  fiber pieces (click here for more) to meticulous drawings, vibrant paints, intriguing altered envelopes and so much more (see bottom of post for the full list of artists). 
I was so honored to be ask to create an installation for the exhibit and so thrilled about how it turned out. 'flirt, the installation' works perfect in its designated space, the landing on the stairwell in this beautiful old-school  building!
It was quite a pleasure working with the curators and the executive director, Jean Ford Webb. And I adored working in the space! 

I was one of those kids who loved school and especially loved buying school supplies, so working in this old school gave me a comforting feeling, with its large windows, beautiful wood floors, large chalkboards.  
I really regret that schools aren't built like this anymore, so much natural light!! However I am so relieved that this school was converted into an art center in lieu of being razed!! Many people echoed that sentiment during the opening and artist talk.
As it always is I am sad to break down the show, and even a bit more with 'flirt, the installation as she was created for this spot.  But I do I know in my heart that she will fly again! 

However!!!  if u can today, go see this piece in its original home, picture don't do her justice! 
Happy Friday!! Xxxx

Flirt features the work of 14 contemporary artists of international, national and regional renown working in a diverse mix of media and conceptual framework: Patty Chang and David Kelley, Merill Comeau, Christiane Corcelle, Virginia Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Kostojohn, Danielle LaPointe, Judith Monteferrante, Robin Reynolds, Michael Seif, Iris Sonnenschein, Martha Wakefield, Jeanne Williamson, and Wendy Young.
The show was curated by Martha Wakefield and Jeanne Williamson.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Natick artist Virginia Fitzgerald discusses her work Feb. 27

Today's article from the Metrowest Daily News ~

Mixed-media artist Virginia Fitzgerald will discuss her recent work Thursday, Feb. 27 at Baldwin Hill Arts & Framing in Natick.
From 6 to 8 p.m., she will demonstrate and discuss her ongoing Dress Project while continuing to create her current sculpture, “insatiable.’’
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

where did the weekend go?!?!?

There are not enough days in the weekend. 
Rod Schmidt
'flirt' the installation in its stairwell
Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and ice this weekend to join me at the opening receptions for these two exceptional exhibits.  
Here are some pictures from the receptions and the prep. 
I also have written a few words about each exhibit.  I hope to do so more but one never knows where the time goes.  I have been referencing this blog to gets some dates of dresses, etc. and numerous times I saw the notation that 'I will write more later' but it seems as if later doesn't happen?!?!?

Dedham, MA
Jean Ford Webb, Executive Director of Mother Brookand
'the daily dress series'
Natick, MA 
I am so happy with both these shows!! 

Flirt is a fabulous selection of art from 14 different artists 
(myself being one). 
This show is their inaugural exhibit, introducing
 Mother Brook to the community.  
The building used to be an old school, 
and fortunately instead of razing it, it was turned into an arts center.

It is a beautiful space, with the warmth of old world schools.  
I was fortunate enough to be asked to create a piece for one of the stairwells, and voila 'flirt' the installation.
During the opening I observed many people posing 
in front of the piece, which is fun.  
Red Alert Cocktail Dress is also on exhibit there 
and was the subject of many visitors' photos as well.  

'the daily dress series' is another exhibit that I am truly excited about.  For this show I made photos of a selection 
of my ephemeral dresses and  the gallery framed them beautifully.  
It has been so exciting to see this dresses as a collection. 
 I also penned little stories that went with each dress.  Something that I have been wanting to do forever,
but it took the deadline of the opening for me to really sit down.
For this exhibit, Baldwin Hill
also asked to exhibit my creature and 'insatiable', and 
I was astonished by how excited I was to exhibit my creatures, 
and I was over the moon about working on 'insatiable' again !!

Last night during the reception I sat by my beast and crocheted away, while engaging in wonderful conversations!! #heaven!  

So thank you Mother Brook Art and Baldwin Hill for offering the opportunity to create new works and revisit some old ones.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

you're invited . . .

. . . to TWO openings this weekend!! very, very exciting!!
Dedham, MA
the opening reception
Friday night, Feb 7th, 7-9 PM,

'flirt' the installation - at Mother Brook, Dedham, MA
This inaugural art exhibition at show has been described as “an intoxicating visual feast”

Join us Friday, February 7th 
for an artists’ reception with live music from 7-9PM

Motherbrook Arts & Community Center | 123 High Street | Dedham, MA

Cheese, Wine, Fruits & Sweets by Whole Foods of Dedham
*Storm date: Sunday, February 9th, 4-6PM

A Group Show Featuring the Work of

'the daily dress series'
at Baldwin Hill Art and Framing,
Natick, MA

I am so excited about this exhibit, we are showing many photographs of my ephemeral dresses, 
or more recently called my daily dresses AND my creatures!!
And even more exciting is that I will be performing 'insatiable' during the opening!!

Join us for the opening reception,
Saturday February 8th, 2014 5-9PM

8 Court Street
Natick, MA 01760
Hours: Tue-Fri-Sat 11AM-5PM, Thu 11AM-8PM
Wednesday By Appointment
CLOSED Sunday & Monday

Sunday, January 5, 2014

May this dress encourage you to throw off the bowlines!!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain (1835-1910);
[Samuel Clemens] Humorist, Essayist, Novelist

Thursday, January 2, 2014

just another app.

With the smartphone, iphone and ipad came
an avalanche of applications, aka apps.
Many that enhance one's social media experience.
I am blessed to be living with two teens that explore,
master and critique these apps at the speed of light.
From them I am tutored, warned and encouraged.

I have been wary of any more distractions from my studio practice;
however, by and by, social media and my dressproject were merging.
Worlds collide!! in a glorious way!

The messages of my dresstags were reaching more people,
and the dresstags were getting a following!
And social media is a perfect platform for my ephemeral dresses.
Real time documentation: now you see it, now you don't.

Today I experimented with the app, flipagram, which makes
cyber flip-books of  your photos.
Head exploding with the possibilities; videos of
#dresstags, #dresstagsabroad and #dailydressinspirations.

So see what you think, would love your thoughts!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My wish for u in this new year!!!

My wish for you in this new year is to say YES!!!
Say YES to your dreams, 
your passions, 
to you!!
Say YES to new adventures, new opportunities, new desires!!

Say YES to your inner voice, 
your intuition, 
to your authentic self.

This year embrace YOU,
trust you, love you, be you;
wonderful, unique, 
full of possibilities YOU!!
Happy 2014!!

“The privilege of a lifetime 
is to become who you truly are.”
― C.G. Jung

Saturday, December 28, 2013

dresstags on foreign shores

May this dress remind you to learn from the past and to savor the peppermint and thyme you find along the way (in Dougga, Tunisia)
For those of you not on Facebook I want to share lovely phenomena which has come from this cyber connection that social media allows us.
(Not that I am in anyway promoting FB.  As I have mentioned here I have a love hate relationship with social media, there is good and bad, as it is with many relationships.  But today's story springs from of the good.
dresstags heading to Asia
Thanks to social media my dresstagging practice has reach a much larger audience. That is very gratifying since I usually never see where or if my dresstags are found.  But with the wonders of Iphones, instagram and the likes, I can post pictures of these little parcels of goodwill and good fortune and their message is sent and received virtually, and usually to much enthusiasm. 

Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China

Clara's story: "This dresstag was left at the Guangdong Museum's small shop in Guangzhou. A little later I could not resist, went back there and saw the moment the young woman picked up the dress and looked very intrigued by it. She looked around and saw me, I guess she connected... and then she smiled. I smiled back and left."

This positive energy has been very important when inspiration fails or financial stress looms.  This cyber-encouragement lead me to doing my Daily Dress Inspirations blog/group, my daily morning meditation practice where I find a quote that I need to hear for that day/at that moment and post it with or without a dress.

May this dress inspire you to appreciate the art all around you. — Dar Ben-Gacem, Tunis, Tunisia
This practice has been invaluable to me during these past months and appears to be supportive to others as well.  Via Facebook I have received messages of how the quote I choose what perfect for someone to read.  Here is a comment that was shared on FB.  I LOVE  the idea that I live in a corner of her life:

"my experience has been that I/we are planted where we/I can meet those special people bringing in the light, lessons and love in unique ways that I/we most need at the time we/I are in need. Virginia Fitzgerald was introduced to me by my daughter the first year I lived in Massachusetts. Her creativity is the outward result of her inner beauty. It seems she shares each day exactly what I need. I have a feeling she lives in a corner of my life just waiting to provide these dresses just for me. So happy you have found her as well. We all make the world go round!!!!" G. Armstrong

The dress on the photo was left at a market in GZ, with the delicious dragon fruits. I left there and some 10 minutes later, when we walked back to that area, the dress was already gone and a young woman, that I think works there, was looking at us with a very big and friendly smile!!!!
— in Guangzhou, China.
Social media has increased the reach of my dresstagging practice.   Because of FB one of my artist/friend/dresstag followers, who was heading to China asked if I wanted her to take some dresstags with her!!! YES!! and I posted on FB that my dresstags were heading to Asia, which lead to two other friends offering to take some to Tunisia!!!where they were going to spread dresstag inspiration in french!!! So very exciting!! 

So during the past week I have been receiving beautiful photos from abroad.  These pictures have been tremendously welcomed by me, amidst this times of holiday stress and some loneliness triggered by figuring out how these family focused time unfold when you are divorce.  I am continually amazed how my dresswork seems to go out into the world, just to return to help me.
left in the Alps
left at the Frankfurt Airport

May this dress bring you (and us) safe and sweet travels! This one was left on a shelf of maple syrup in the Montreal airport.

So here are some of these treasures, most received this month, and one from the Alps a few summers ago!! Thank you dress carrying world travelers, Martha Calderaro and family, Liz Gray, Jacqui Bloomberg and Clara Bohrer, I am truly grateful!!! peace

link to the FB photo album #dresstagsabroad  and you can follow my dresstagging practice on instagram, @virginiafitzart

Friday, December 27, 2013

'the dress to the rescue' . . . a tale of loss and redemption via the dress

how, once again, 'the dress' saved me . . . .
'moss' 2dec
As I headed into the month of December
 I was plagued with uncertainty and exhaustion.  
My long term substitute job at Dana Hall had ended, and
  'breaking open' was now a thing of the past.  
I didn't have anything on the agenda. 
'ties' 3dec
 In many ways it was a needed and healthy place to be
 for someone who has been in triage mode for years
but it also sent me into a petite free fall 
- I was feeling lost! 
'dusting' 4dec
Then one gray and dingy December morning, 

out with my trusty companion Scruffy, 
a clump on bright green moss caught my attention. 
 I have always wanted to make a dress of moss, and since I had no where to run off to or schedule to keep, I realized that I could stop and make a dress!
And, as always happens whenever I make one of my ephemeral dress, 

I felt better. 
I was outside, in the brisk, fresh, new england winter, 
finding the best pieces of moss 
with which to create a dress. 
 I felt myself righted a bit.
'poetic' 4 dec
And then the next day Scruffy and I discovered discarded, 
old, rusty and luscious railroad ties!!! Another dress!! 
 I had a series, 
posting the dresses on Instagram, 
with 'hashtag' no less (#decemberdress ).  
I was back, baby, eager for the next day
 to see what materials would call to me.
'lichen' 5dec
my lovely assistant, scruffy
I have been intrigued how this December experience 
is strikingly similiar to 
the week in August of 2006, 
when I started my infatuation with the dress, 
aka 'the dress project'.
'ever - green???' 6dec
I was on a family vacation in Wells Beach, ME 

and feeling out of sorts then too. 
 Earlier in the summer I had a successful gallery show of acrylic still life's at Natick's Gallery55.
One might wonder, 

why out of sorts after a successful show??
Good question!
'prints' 8dec. The Porches Inn, North Adams, MA

Well, first, this exhibit showed me that art, 
no matter what kind of art, 
has a voice and I wanted to give that voice more depth, 
put more substance into my art.  As well, 
I wanted my work to be more personal, 
have more to offer the viewers.
But I was not sure how to do all that.
'lathe' 10 dec, Dana Hall School
the lathe in action at the 'Makers' exhibit at the Art Gallery at Dana Hall

$econdly, $ince my painting$ '$old', my internal voices bombarded me; 'paint more garlic$, people loved the garlic$', 'more pear$', bigger canvase$',
blah, blah, blah.
This tainted my studio practice. 

I was thinking too much, 
the work was becoming labored and looked it! So I headed off to Maine artistically struggling.
'by the tracks' 15dec

Then I 'stumbled upon' the idea of creating a dress out of materials from the beach.  
With the first dress, the floodgates opened and 
I was back in that most amazing place where I am just creating and NOT thinking!! Nirvana!! 
'slush' 16dec
so patient!!
And as it was in 2006, when 'the dress' guided me onto this exciting creative journey I call 'the dress project',  this month, as Scruffy and I were out and about making dresses, things started happening in other parts of my life. 
I was called to do some more substituting at Dana Hall (money is always welcomed), and I got interviewed for a 'possible' feature article in a local arts magazine?!?! (more about that later :) 
I truly feel rescued!!
'snowed in' 17dec

I was back in the wonderful state of thinking about material and dresses on a daily basis.  I found myself following familiar self-imposed guidelines.  
First and foremost, 
I will not hurt or cut down any living plant for a dress!! 
All the 'material' is found, already discarded by Mother Nature.  
'kids' menu' 18dec
Second requirement: mix up my techniques; 
if I 'dug out' the dress one day I don't want to dig out another dress.  
I like to challenge myself! I like to make each dress unique!! 
'twiggy' 19 dec

I remember this requirement was very important for my dailydress journals; if I was doing a lot of collaging then I needed to draw, paint or do a subtractive process.  
'fallen' 20 dec,  Newton Public Library, Newton, MA

There were other similarities between this series and the Wells series. 
'digging in the dirt'  21dec.

I would head out to the beach with one preconceived idea of the material that I would be using for that day's dress, and then end up using something completely different. 
These december dresses are no different.  
I would head out into the winter landscape 
thinking today I'll use 'blank',  
only to discover a much more suited material for the day!!
'ginger' 21 dec. making the famous and delicious family recipe for
Anne's Scotch Ginger bread with Maya for a cookie swap
Also once I start to focus on a certain material and 
concentrate on creating the dress,  
I find wonderful treasures.   It is as if I suddenly 
had special, X-ray finder's eyes, 
discovering the tiny starfish at the beach 
or the empty cocoon of a cicada at Wellesley College.  
'everandalways' 22dec. 
this title references how my dresses are forever and always there for me!

 So here is my #decemebrdress series so far, 
made out of snow, slush, twigs and so much more.  

I have posted the picture of the dress and 
then a picture of the location where each dress was made, 
this helps give a sense of scale and place.

'christmas' 25dec. Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
Below is a link to an album on Facebook if you are interested.
  Also if you want to follow this series of ephemeral dresses and my other practice, dresstagging, you can follow me on twitter or on instagram at virginiafitzart.  
Out of the world of social media 
Instagram is my favorite because it is visual, a cyber picture book. 
'vinyl' 26dec, Cambridge, MA

Hope you enjoyed this tale of loss and redemption via the dress ~

You can use this link to share this photo album with anyone, even if they don't have a Facebook account. Anyone with the link will be able to see your photo album.